Kits for hand knitting

Whimsical Christmas stocking kits include 100% Wool Nature Spun yarn, knitting instructions, a full-color chart to use while knitting the design, and an alphabet. All embellishments, such as sequins, beads, bells, pom poms, etc., are included, and may be sewn or glued to stocking. Requires US 5 or 7 straight needles.  The stockings can be adjusted from 21" to 26"  in length. See shop locator for a shop close to you, or E-mail us with any questions you may have.

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BFFs Jeepers, Peepers!

Noah's Ark Through the Woods TreeFlakes O, Christmas Tree


Here I Go!

Jolly Old St. Nick

Santa's Surprise Icedrops Rudie

Moonflakes Snowbirds Down the Chimney

                                            Christmas  Fairy                                              Rocky Tree Starry Night
(Blonde and brunette)
North Pole Rockers Sweet Mama Claus Santa's Workshop

Santanooga Choo Choo                                                   Christmas Angel                                                      Christmas Cameo
(Blonde and brunette )

Get Back, Santy Whack! Give the Dog a Bone! Red Nutcracker Green Nutcracker

White Nutcracker Up on the Woof Katzenboo

Joy Joy Joy

Midnight Delivery Pengollies Bear Claus

Elfie (blonde and brunette) Elf Rudie with Menorah
Fore! Touchdown! Snowbirds with Menorah

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